The moment you step into the safari vehicle from the pickup point, it hits you. From the beautiful surroundings of fauna, flora and wildlife to the impressive knowledge of your guide, delivered so passionately, to the personalized attention of the camp staff, from exploring on foot the intricate forests, to feeling like the small spot you are on the stark, vast horizon of the National Park.

“When the wild truly becomes wonderful?”

You’ll find that everything is amplified here at Elephant Lake. The sun stays up longer than usual. The still waters of the lake with abundance of bird life. . The time spent watching the animals at the waterhole are suspended in slow motion. Flavours, sounds, smell… they all seem so enhanced and refreshing somehow. You recognize it. You hear it in the catch of your breath as a pied kingfisher hovers over the seemingly still water – until it plummets in a brilliant blur. Or the moonlit drives that are possible and nocturnal sightings exciting.
This is the new, miraculous reality that is your life for the next few days at “Elephant Lake” Camp, the art of luxury camping. Everything becomes brighter, bolder, bigger and more beautiful than you could ever imagine.


S P E C I A L  O F F E R S......